Modern dialers used in call center operations based on VoIP have plenty of technological features. They are easy to use but set up can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Do not worry. Creepers Softwares experts will help with dialer installation and configuration to help your staff focus more on work and productivity and less on figuring out various options. Our service engineers are here to take care of dialer installation that includes:
  • Configuring it for use with PBX system with SIP extensions in case of digital telephony or with conventional analog systems
  • Setting up various options in relation to your method of working so that most tasks are automated or have the least number of steps, reducing operator fatigue and resulting in higher efficiency
  • Testing and trial runs to ensure there are no glitches and if any are found, resolving all issues.
  • Set up the agent software and configure all its options.
  • Set up of the telephony engine in the background so that making calls and playing voice applications become easy
  • Set up task queuing and task messaging.
  • Back end process, creation of super user and log in details
  • SIP Truck configuration
With our domain mastery in call center operations, we guarantee services that exceed expectations.

Outbound telecasting or voice broadcasting is a cost effective and highly efficient method of reaching out to hundreds of thousands of target customers and send them informational or promotional messages. Should you wish to conduct a campaign at any time, Creepers Softwares offers outbound telecasting telecasting services to help you reach out to customers, employees or the general public. You can broadcast messages about time-limited offers, payments or alerts.

Creepers have the complete set up to create, manage and implement outbound telecasting while leaving you free to focus on your core business. Our outbound telecasting campaigns get you desired results and our analytics help you fine tune such processes to achieve even higher returns. Our rates are affordable and we offer various packages for one-off, repeat and timed outbound telecasting services. Call us and find out how our involvement can help you gain the lead in a competitive environment.

Creepers Softwares helps put in place a highly refined IVR (interactive voice response) solutions customized to suit your business. Using IVR you can have a complete system of pre-recorded voice prompts and present options to callers. Our sophisticated IVR solutions respond to keypad entries or to voice with inbuilt voice recognition module. Features:
  • Simple to use GUI, multiple phone support
  • Call screening and switching, text to speech, call transfers
  • Multiple languages, DNIS and ANI
Further, this IVR solutions package can be tied in seamlessly with existing database systems to help you compile useful information and with your telephony infrastructure. Creepers Softwares has a team of IVR experts who know how to assess a client's requirements and come up with a customized solution that gives best in class performance and returns. We can develop IVR solutions for small enterprises as well as for larger companies with flexibility and reliability. As a service provider we can implement the solution as an in-house facility or host it in the cloud.
Creepers Softwares has its own in-house SS7 based resource that helps us offer the finest yet cost effective SMS Broadcasting services. SMS has proved to be one of the best and cheapest ways to reach out to target customers. It is a well known fact that SMS messages are read, and, if designed right, responded to immediately. Our Bulk SMS broadcasting service covers:
  • Text and binary SMS messages
  • Plain text or MMS based messaging
  • Wap Push and multiple language support
We offer a host of customization such as including sender's contact details, delivery to specific cellular circles or a select group of recipients, high speed delivery, status reports, scheduling and support. Broadcasting is supported by our reporting and analytics to help weed out numbers that do not respond and segregate positive targets. With our professional approach you can fine tune your campaigns and achieve maximum returns on investments while creating a better brand image.
Email broadcasting, email marketing, email campaigns all of them leverage the power of email. Despite the rise of social media, instant messaging and SMS, email still continues to hold its own as one of the finest methods of electronic communication, especially in corporate and business segments. Creepers Softwares offers email broadcasting services that free you yet get you desired results through our intelligently designed and smartly created campaigns. Our email broadcasting covers:
  • Marketing campaigns using lists, list management, tracking and analytics
  • Newsletter designs and email broadcasting
  • Promotional Mails, special offers, research and opinion polls
  • Social delivery, RSS automated emails, centralized tracking and performance evaluation
Our email campaigns, whether sporadic or sustained, have helped boost conversions, improve traffic to websites, enhance customer retention as well as attract others to subscribe and give you the best value for money.
Creepers Softwares offers complete set of inbound call center services besides assisting in setting up such services for clients or help in finding a suitable service provider. The total suite of inbound call center service covers:
  • Assistance in obtaining a selected number
  • Implementation of hardware and software solutions
  • Designing and preparation of audio recordings
  • Call monitoring, tracking and recording in real time with analytics for quality control
  • In-house and cloud based services
  • Dialers, intelligent call routing
  • CRM integration
Our inbound call center operations help you serve customers better, retain them and resolve all issues on first contact. At the same time your revenues increase and your operational costs reduce in a win-win arrangement. We customize packages assigning number of agents depending on traffic and requirements to ensure services are always top notch while costs are contained.
Creepers Softwares offers customized outbound call center services solutions to serve a variety of needs. Common features: Implement customer loyalty programs and promotional campaigns
  • Follow up of sales leads
  • Cold and warm calling
  • Information gathering
  • B2B and B2C services
  • Market research and surveys and lots more

How do you benefit?

Creepers Softwares has the complete infrastructure in place to handle any volume and yet adhere to the most stringent standards as well as processes to achieve the desired outcome. We have trained operators working on state-of-art infrastructure. At the same time we guarantee confidentiality and assure quality through monitoring, recording and analytics. We can provide outbound call services 24x7 with agents well versed in English as well as other languages. Our approach is to first understand your products, customers and your method of working, train our agents and then implement services that are productive from day one.

There is a lot going on in the back end of BPOs and call centers and these processes are of critical importance to the efficiency and productivity of the organization. Creepers Softwares offers refined backend/non-technical process services that free you from the burden of finding the right staff, training and associated hassles. When you subscribe to our services, our teams move in, analyze your situation and put in place solutions and people to take care of these functions.

Directly, our involvement helps speed up all other processes dependent on backend operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Indirectly, having experienced and reliable service provider means you can focus on your core business and plan to grow through expansion.

Managing and controlling debts is necessary to better cash flow. If you are worried about accounts receivables and collections not being efficient enough, leave it all to Creepers Softwares to provide total solutions and services. We take care of collection services and decrease charge-offs and delinquencies. Your cash flow improves as does your profit and loss account figures. Collections costs also reduce. All of this affects your bottom line positively and your days sales out standings dramatically improve. Most common components of our collection services are:
  • Credit reporting and client reporting
  • Account locator
  • Payment reminders, pre-collections
In our years of business offering HR related services we have noticed that the best talent seems to steer towards top brand names. Even if a company offers a better package that a larger competitor, talent goes with the flow. Subscribe to our talent acquisitions services and you will see a marked change in the way we find out talent, induce them to join and then we go on to initiate steps that will result in new talent retention. Our involvement saves you major headaches caused by inefficient or less skilled people in key positions and also gives you a market speed boost in your bid to climb to the top.

With a team of experienced HR professionals with years of industry experience, we are the right people to approach for HR services. Most companies maintain an HR department but their method and system of working may not actually contribute to employee satisfaction or improved productivity. Creepers Softwares HR services resolves all these issues for you and help in streamlined operations at reduced cost.

Our HR service covers:
  • In-depth analysis of present HR methods used in your organization
  • Analyzing current situation and putting in place improved training programs as well as reorganizing the way you work through recommendations.
  • Smooth out rivalry, coordinate with section heads and staff to improve collaboration; engage employees, address their issues and initiate changes that will result in satisfaction and higher productivity.

Creepers Softwares is advantageously placed to offer you cutting edge digital marketing services that actually gets you tremendous results. We have the benefit of access to top minds in technical aspects that come in useful in the matter of SEO optimized web design, market research analysts and marketing people who assist SEO teams in digital marketing and creative staff to take care of design and aesthetics of digital ads, multimedia content, websites and banners.

Digital media promises more returns in comparison to traditional channels such as TV and radio since the reach is global. Talk with our digital marketing services experts to know how our engagement brings about transformational changes to not only business operations but also to the way you think of reaching out to global audiences and creating brand value. We do it with mastered expertise and assure guaranteed returns.

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