Creepers products are developed from a client perspective in order to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction, a seamless user experience and maximized features in a compact package. We draw on our expertise in open source technologies, knowledge, skills and experience of our teams.

We leverage our expertise and in-depth knowledge of SAP, SAP Hana, SAP for utilities, SAP BI/BW, MS Dynamics ERP and Change Point in delivering exceptionally performing ERP systems. Our ERP systems are available for service industry, manufacturing, distribution, retail, logistics, hospitality and healthcare sectors. Customized for each client, our ERP systems are characterized by responsiveness, mobility, ease of use, detailed reporting, analytics and responsiveness. Users prefer our ERP solutions since we design them to be modular and scalable. Clients can start with a basic one and then add as their business evolves. Our solutions seamlessly incorporate:
  • Work schedules
  • Data acquisition, inventory controls
  • Production, ordering and stocks linked seamlessly with purchase
  • Accounting, finances, payroll, HR, vendor management, contracts
  • Invoices, payments, analytics, reporting
  • CRM, sales process automation, call center support
  • Marketing campaigns, surveys and more
Discuss your current requirements and our developers will be happy to offer you the full benefit of their domain expertise.
Creepers Software offers high end open source based telephony applications and dialers with industry standard features such as:
  • High end Soft-PABX capable with automated routing
  • Authentication for multiple databases
  • SIP based calling including call transfer, call center services and IVRS
  • P2P routing for better voice clarity, unlimited simultaneous calls
  • Call lists, automated dialing, call monitoring & recording and usual features
  • Integration with databases and CRM
Creepers Software employs teams of open source experts well versed in various protocols and implementation of internet telephony to help set up customized solutions with ease of use, lowest running cost and maximized returns on investment. Our telephony apps and dialers are flexible and scalable to adapt to evolving requirements.
Managing customers has never been this easy. With Creepers' Customer Relationship Management solution in place it becomes a facile task for back office agents to serve new, potential or existing customers and provide on the spot information. With our CRM in place you have a 360 degree view of the complete cycle and you can identify opportunities and increase operational efficiency while lowering costs and load on manpower. Creepers has a team of experts with professional qualifications, skills and understanding of how people, markets and companies work. We design solutions from the end user perspective and have the versatility to offer desktop based CRMs or cloud based solutions that allow anytime access from anywhere, further improving your brand value. With our CRM in place you can:
  • Capture leads from your website and respond promptly in real-time
  • Prioritize activities and thus sell more
  • Streamline workflows and assign leads or queries to appropriate personnel
Our CRM changes the way you do more business and become more competitive.
Creepers Software collections workflow system debt is one of the finest, technologically enhanced debt collection solution that will help you reduce outstanding and dramatically improve cash flows. Features of Creepers Collections Workflow System Debt Solution:
  • Fully customizable
  • Configure payment plans and loans as well as carry out budget analysis.
  • Manage lists of debtors and communicate with them over mail, SMS or phone
  • Coordinate activities of accounts and persistent follow up to collect outstandings.
  • You can score debtors through a unique method of ranking
  • Add to databases and derive reports and generate sets of actions
Electronic payment modules, statements, invoices and transactions reports With our solutions in place, outstanding do not remain outstanding for long. You have flexibility, total control and can track all debts efficiently through a single window. Our expertise lies in customizing the debt solution to suit your method of operations and thus help you achieve more in an automated, easy to use and flexible system. Creepers Software employs teams of open source experts well versed in various protocols and implementation of internet telephony to help set up customized solutions with ease of use, lowest running cost and maximized returns on investment. Our telephony apps and dialers are flexible and scalable to adapt to evolving requirements.
Employees are a company's most precious resource. Managing them efficiently helps the company achieve more in terms of productivity and revenues while reducing grievances and dissatisfaction. Creepers Software offers a fine tuned, customizable Management System HRMS and Payroll Application solution with a host of features in an easy to use package. Common features of Creepers HRMS and Payroll application:
  • Attendance records, payroll with deductions and a host of other calculations
  • Database of employee information with performance evaluation and reports
  • Self service
  • Leave and absenteeism
  • Benefits
  • Security and confidentiality, secure logins and authentication
Creepers Software goes beyond traditional features and customizes the application to suit each individual user making it easy for management staff and for employees to interact seamlessly. Our HRMS solutions reduces burden on the administration and helps management make informed decisions on hiring, motivating less performing assets and rewarding top achievers.
Creepers software offers customized industry specific Project Management Solutions for healthcare, manufacturing, construction and travel, to name a few. A custom project management software does make a difference to the way a project is put together, implemented and monitored, resulting in cost savings, faster implementations and better outcomes for all stakeholders. With Creepers Software's Project Management software you can:
  • Streamline the entire process from conception to design to implementation
  • Gain valuable insights even as the project proceeds to give you accurate estimates
  • Helps you refine processes or make changes to fine tune efficient implementation
  • Collaborate with teams spread over different locations
  • Track assets, issue trouble tickets, manage purchases, contracts, vendors and payments
Our experts can develop project management solutions that work on desktops in a networked environment or launch cloud based software accessible through a web browser interface for easy use from anywhere on any device. Your productivity and convenience matter to us and our solutions are geared to help you do better.

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Our holistic approach has helped us grow operations, serve global clients And expand services to four locations in India with total staff strength of 100

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To deliver world-class IT solutions to clients and partner them to attain the pinnacle of efficiency with respect to IT products and applications.


We deliver end-to-end IT solutions that are effective, efficient, and exhaustive. Our breadth of services that span different domains and technologies ensure that we are a one-stop shop for the IT needs of our clients. In addition, our processes and practices enhance our delivery capabilities and add value to our client's business critical systems, applications, and processes.

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